Original WWI British Small Box Respirator Gas Mask with Canister in Decorated Bag - Dated 1917- 308th Engineer Doughboy

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Original Item: Only One Available. An incredibly rare find! An original WWI British Issue Small Box Respirator complete with Anti-Fogging Kit and original Gas Mask Bag with was artfully decorated by American Soldier, “Doughboy”, whom it was issued to.
This example is complete, though as with many rubber items close to a century old, it is now quite stiff and delicate, so we do not recommend trying to display it on a mannequin. There are markings on the inside of the haversack,  with the marker stamp and partially visible date (1917) and broad arrow. Of note, the mask still retains its original rubber exhale bladder which is normally missing as they become incredibly delicate and break very easily. The mask even comes with its original anti-fogging solution with wipes contained in their original waxed box.
The gas mask bag is phenomenal, with thorough decoration, travel journal, and the doughboy’s name written on the back. The bag even includes its original waist tie, which is frequently missing!
 With the introduction of poison gas during WWI Trench Warfare, every country quickly developed and fielded protective gas masks. This is a nice "Small Box Respirator" gas mask, complete with its connecting hose, filter canister, and khaki canvas haversack. The mask is constructed of khaki rubberized cloth, with clear glass eyepieces and black elastic harness. The rubber mouthpiece inside connected to the cloth covered rubber connector tube. This then connects mouthpiece to the plated tin canister.
First introduced in August 1916 and standard issue by the spring of 1917, the Small Box Respirator was the most advanced and practical anti-gas development used by British and Dominion forces in the First World War. The respirator consisted of a face mask with glass eye-pieces, and was connected to a metal 'small box' filter (containing containing active charcoal and granules)
A lovely American-used British Gas mask from THE GREAT WAR, ready to display!
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