Original WWI British Klaxon Zeppelin Air Raid Alarm Horn with London Address- Circa 1908

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Original Item: Only One Available. We all remember the old Hollywood Movies showing pre-WW1 Automobiles that used the most awful horns that grated everyone's ears. Well this is it!

Actually developed by Lovell-McConnell Corporation of New Jersey in 1908 these quickly became the standard for motorcars and were commonly used as AIR RAID ALARMS in London during the First World War for Zeppelin attacks. Even the film studios in Hollywood used them to indicate some disaster or other. Fortunately someone invented the post WW1 "hooter" and these dreadful devices were gratefully retired.

This example still retains it brass mount and is, as always, operated with a hand crank, just like a Gatling Gun. It has a large green blunderbuss shaped horn tube and is still painted in the original green and black colors.

It retains its original data plate in brass that reads:


together with Patent information and 057 serial number.

The Registered name KLAXON was derived from the ancient Greek of "Klazo" Meaning "to Shriek" and that is exactly what this horn does.

Still in great working order this will make you the most unpopular man in your neighborhood! BE CAREFUL THIS IS IN FULL WORKING ORDER AND IS LOUD!

What an opportunity to relive the WW1 London Zeppelin attacks.

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