Original Walther Luftpistole Modell 35 Air Target Pistol in Box with Accessories - as seen in Sean Connery Era James Bond Posters

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is an excellent boxed example of the famous WALTHER LUFTPISTOLE Modell 53 air pistol, serial number 037492, which appears to have seen very little use. These pellet pistols were intended for target use, and even today air pellet pistols are an Olympic shooting event. However the LP53 in particular is much more famous for having been adopted for use in the promotional photographs and posters of early JAMES BOND movies featuring SEAN CONNERY. We all know he carried a PPK in those movies but the 12 ½ inch long LP53, with the long barrel and substantial construction looked so much better in promotional materials.

We looked back, and can find the LP53 in posters for Dr. No, From Russia with Love, Goldfinger, Thunderball, and You Only Live Twice. The impressive look almost certainly helped drive audiences to the theaters. Other posters would have a pistol fitted with a silencer to give it a more impressive appearance. While the PPK was a great pistol. It was often not featured due to its somewhat small size, which of course was precisely the reason it was 007’s preferred sidearm.

Aside from the Bond connection, the Walther LP53 was also very popular as an air target pistol. Many of these were brought back home by American servicemen stationed in Western Germany during the Cold War. Others were imported and sold stateside, as this example looks to have been. The pistol comes in the original box, along with the original proof target used to test it at the factory. There is also the GUARANTEE card from LIBERTY ARMS CO. - B. SVOBODA in Montrose California, with the serial number written in pen on the card.

Also included in the original box are:
- 2 front and 2 rear sights - the LP53 came with three different front and rear sights for preference. The gun itself has the third set of sights on it.
- Brass Cleaning Rod
- Case of 100 MEISTERKUGELN FÜR LUFTGEWEHRE (Pellets for Air Rifle) 4.5 m/m size. The case is just over half full.
- Sealed Tin of 500 MEISTERKUGELN (Pellets).
- Original wooden loading block and muzzle protector
- Original Instruction Pamphlet in English.
- Small package containing original seal O-rings for the pistol

Not seen around much any more this is a like-new example which has absolutely everything. All you need is the girl!

NOTE: BB Guns / Pellet Guns are restricted in many areas in the United States. Please check local laws prior to ordering. We have not tested this item, and cannot guarantee functionality.

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