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Original Vietnam War Zippo Style Lighter of the Carrier Air Wing Fourteen Named to Captain Max Harnish with Original Box

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Original Item: Lighters could be customized with regimental cyphers and engravings, and were purchased by GIs returning home as a memento of their military service in the specific theatre of operation.

Offered in fully functional condition, this is an original vintage Zippo style windproof light made by Penguin of Japan. It was issued to a US Pilot named Captain Max Harnish during the Vietnam war that served as part of the Carrier Air Wing Fourteen (CVW-14), was a United States Navy aircraft carrier air wing based at Naval Air Station Lemoore, California.

Vietnam War

CVW-14 aircraft in flight in 1963, while assigned to USS Constellation (CVA-64).

In August 1964, while embarked aboard USS Constellation, CVW-14 conducted the first air strikes against North Vietnam. Subsequent combat deployments were made aboard USS Ranger, USS Constellation and USS Enterprise. On 27 January 1973, Air Wing 14 squadrons flew the last combat sorties of the Vietnam War. In June 1973, CVW-14 became the first operational air wing to receive the F-14A Tomcat. In September 1974, CVW-14 deployed aboard USS Enterprise for its first peacetime deployment in ten years. On 29 April 1975, CVW-14 was again involved in Vietnam, providing support and air cover for the evacuation of U.S. personnel from South Vietnam during Operation Frequent Wind.

On 30 July 1976, CVW-14 embarked aboard USS Enterprise again for the first S-3A Viking Western Pacific deployment. After one more deployment on the ""Big E, Carrier Air Wing 14 was reassigned to USS Coral Sea. Two U.S. Marine Corps fighter squadrons, VMFA-323 and VMFA-531 (F-4N ""Phantom II""), joined the CVW-14 team, marking the first time since World War II that two Marine fighter squadrons comprised the fighter arm of a Navy Air Wing. CVW-14 embarked on USS Coral Sea in November 1979 en route to the Western Pacific and a continuous 102-day at-sea period on ""Gonzo"" Station in the North Arabian Sea. CVW-14 made two more deployments on USS Coral Sea.

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