Original Vietnam War NVA / VC North Vietnamese Modified French F1 Fragmentation Grenade - Inert

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This ordinance is inert and has been fully deactivated following guidelines provided by the ATF.

Beginning in 1887, Vietnam was made into part of the French colony in South East Asia, known as "French Indochina." This continued through WWII until 1945, when the Japanese briefly took over the area. After the Japanese surrender, France forcefully reclaimed the area, leading to the First Indochina War. As there had been French forces in the area, they had brought with them the well-known French F1 Grenade. Though it was officially discontinued in 1940, some were undoubtedly used during the Indochina war, while others were left over from before.

When the Vietnam War broke out, old ordnance such as this French made F1 grenade were refit at arsenal with fresh explosives and fuses, as the originals were definitely no longer reliable. This example consists of the original French "Pineapple" fragmentation body, with a NVA / VC installed fuse. It is not clear whether the fuse was manufactured locally, or sourced from elsewhere, possibly Russia, who have been using the F1 grenade for over 100 years now.

The grenade is in fine to excellent condition, with the fuse, spoon, and pull ring. The body is marked P L on the side, and the bottom is plugged with lead. Overall length is approximately 4 3/4" long. Ready to display!

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