Original Vietnam War Chinese Type 67 Set of Two Training Stick Grenades in Carrier - Inert

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Set Available. This ordinance was made for training and is inert following guidelines provided by the BATF. They cannot be converted into any type of explosive device.

During the Vietnam War, The People's Republic of China (Chicom) supplied much in the way of arms to North Vietnam. This also included training aids, such as these Type 67 Stick grenade trainers. Both have black paint Chinese markings on the shaft, and retain their original bottom screw caps, which can be removed with some effort. These they show light wear from storage and transportation, but do not look to have been thrown many times, if at all. Overall length is of each training grenade is approximately 8 inches.

The two grenades come complete an original two pocket grenade carrier, which is unmarked, so it could be either a Chinese made carrier, or Vietnamese. It seems to be higher quality than usually seen on the Vietnamese made examples, and has the loops usually seen on Chinese examples, as opposed to cloth ties on the Vietnamese made types.

A very nice set, great for display!

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