Original Victorian Era Sudanese Mahdi Wars Dervish Small Buckler Parrying Shield - circa 1898

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. The Battle of Omdurman was a complete and utter defeat for the Kalifa's Dervish forces outside the city of KHARTOUM where just 13 years before the Mahdi and his army slaughtered all the British and Egyptian soldiers under the command of General GORDON, who also died in the siege and final battle.

These small animal hide and wicker shields were used to parry away sword strokes of the great Kaskara Crusader type Sword traditional to the region. Beautifully made but totally useless against an .303 caliber Long Lee Enfield magazine rifle. Now doubt brought home by some British Infantryman to boast to all his pals about his campaign adventures.

Ready to displaty, a Dervish Buckler Shield!

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