Original Victorian Era Scottish Royal Scotts Regimental Dirk Circa 1875

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is an exceptional example of a high quality Scottish Dress Dirk with all the bells and whistles. Fitted with an eleven inch blade the dark wood grip is fully carved and inset with silver studs. The pommel bears a huge one and a half inch across semi-precious stone known as a CAIRNGORMwhich is a form of smokey quartz found in the Cairngorm mountains of Scotland. The color of the Cairngorm is best described as deep orange, which is actually close to the color of Scottish marmalade.

The sheath is wrapped in tooled leather and has what appears to be four silver mounts (we cannot find hallmarks). The top mount bears the regimental badge of Scotland's patron saint, St. Andrew, behind a diagonal cross on which he was martyred. The whole surrounded by blooming thistles. This represents the Royal Scots, the oldest infantry regiment in the British Army raised in the 1630's by King Charles the First and known as the FIRST REGIMENT OF FOOT. The center two mounts, each substantial and decorated with embossed thistles are also the mounts for the traditional knife and fork, both of which are still present. Again constructed like the dirk each with a smaller Cairngorm stone inserted in the pommel.

The last and final mount is the chape or bottom cap to the scabbard, which is also heavily embossed with the thistle design. The rear of the Dirk’s upper scabbard mount bears the maker name:



This company began in 1858 and is still in business today although they have now moved to Princes Street and the company name has changed somewhat.

This is truly a remarkable Regimental Scottish Dirk and may even have silver hallmarks on the underside of the very heavily decorated mounts. Clearly the Dirk of an important individual due to its great quality and beauty.

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