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Original Victorian Era Philippine Large Bowie Style Knife Silver Grip and Leather Scabbard

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Item Description

Original Item: One of a Kind. This large knife is very impressive, having a massive 15 1/2 inch clip-point "Bowie" style blade. This makes it just ideal for jungle use and a fearsome weapon as well. The hilt is made entirely of Far Eastern Silver in the most dramatic form of a Lion's Head, which clearly originated from some other high quality item that the Moro Warriors utilized, possibly of Spanish Colonial origin.

Overall length of the knife is 21 1/4" and the blade is engraved Philippines, which also appears on the Leather tooled scabbard. This all rather suggests that this was a War Trophy bought back by a U.S. Soldier after the Spanish American War of 1898 or possibly the Moro Rebellion that continued on until 1913.

Knife is in excellent condition, with a lovely aged steel finish and patina. Edge has no major chips, and is actually still quite sharp. Scabbard is also in good condition, though the leather has dried out in some areas, and there is a hole in the end that has been torn apart by the tip of the blade.

Most attractive and ready to display.

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