Original Victorian Era North African Berber or Tuareg Leather Battle Shield

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Original Item: Only One Available. A very interesting and scarce battle shield made entirely of thick camel leather. Measures approximately 24" tall by 22" wide these were carried by the Arab BERBER or TUAREG tribes throughout Algeria, Morocco, Mali and Niger by the camel mounted nomads who mostly survived as slave traders for time immemorial.

From a western standpoint remember the 1975 Movie 'THE WIND AND THE LION" starring

Sean Connery as "Mulai Ahmed Er Raisuli" and the lovely Candice Bergen as Mrs. Eden Pedecaris? A thundering good yarn written by John Milius remembering the bandit Berber tribes wreaking havoc across North Africa when TEDDY ROOSEVELVT was president. In short the "Raisuli", Sean Connery kidnaps Mrs. Pedecaris and demands President Roosevelt to pay ransom. Resulting in Teddy's typical reply " MRS. PEDECARIS ALIVE, OR THE RAISULI DEAD!" Well those are the nasty Arab people who they are talking about, slavers, murderers and kidnappers, and yet Sean Connery plays one and still ends up as the hero?!

This Berber shield of typical style with all leather thongs and knots in place dating from the Victorian age, perhaps just what was needed to keep the sun as well as the swords at bay.


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