Original Victorian Era Liverpool River Police Cased Set Named to Superintendent A.E. Parkes

Item Description

Original Items: Only One Set Available. The Liverpool River Police were formed on 12th of January 1865 and Superintendent A.E. Parkes was appointed on 18th December 1866 at a salary of 250 pounds per year (then about $ 1,000 USD) ref

A.E. Parkes served for more than 28 years, this impressive set, no doubt some kind of presentation, consists of the following-

• Black leather covered case, 15" x 10" x 6" with functional lock and key.
• Removable writing tray.
• Two glass inkwells marked MOSELY'S REVOLVING around a Victorian Crown. Moseley was a foremost Inkwell maker dating back to the 1820s.
• In the lid of the case is vertical leather mounting for various ivory implements including a dip pen, eight inch ruler, a small clasp knife and a straight edge that looks like a tongue depressor.
• Original silver badge/broach pinned to the lid mount displaying the River Police insignia of a Fouled Anchor.
• Original single shot percussion pistol with belt hook by DOOLEY of LIVERPOOL, marked RIVER POLICE with initials A.E.P on the small silver escutcheon.
• Original small powder flask.
• Original bullet mold.
• Original percussion cap tin with maker's paper label, including some caps.
• Original small nickeled screw top oil bottle.
• Original lead balls contained in one of the lidded compartments.
• Original pair of screw key handcuffs marked Hiatt, a famous Birmingham maker still in business today.
• Original small life preserver (a wood handled lead club).
• Original Brass and ebony "tipstaff" a well-known symbol of police authority during the Victorian era. The brass is engraved with the Liverpool City Crest, the liver bird, over a Fouled Anchor within a laurel wreath and RIVER POLICE LIVERPOOL.
• Horn mounted all-purpose "Swiss Army Knife" of the Victorian age with all the assorted tools.

This is a truly memorable and intriguing set belonging to a known, researchable, British River Police Officer of the Victoria Era who was eventually awarded an O.B.E. (Order of the British Empire) for faithful service by Queen Victoria.

Note care must be taken when opening as the security key" is needed to open the self sealing lock on every occasion as the case automatically locks upon closing the lid!

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