Original Victorian Era Indo-Persian Rhinoceros Hide Dhal Shield with Brass Ornamentation

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. Dating from the second half of the 1800s this measures just 10 1/2" across and was used as a parrying shield in hand to hand combat by the Sudanese Dervish Warriors and by the indigenous native populations right across the Islamic world including India.

Known as a DHAL, the ones from India tended to be made all of metal and the Sudanese and Persian ones of Rhino hide. This is a particularly nice example decorated over its entire front surface with engraved brass panels bearing engraved/stamped ring motifs. This includes the traditional four large bosses which support the four rings on the rear through. Usually there would be cords attached that bound the shield to the warriors left hand, however these are unfortunately missing, and the leather pad has deteriorated as well. Now not often encountered, most that are available were taken back to England by returning Victorian Soldiers.

Very attractive providing good decoration, Victorian era DHAL Shield.

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