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Original Victorian Era Indian Army British P-1853 Cavalry Saber With Leather Scabbard by Rodwell & Co

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Original Item: Only One Available. This is a fantastic example of an NS BDA marked Indian Cavalry, British 1853 Pattern Saber. This is an 1853 pattern cavalry sword made for the Barodan cavalry in the last decades of the 1800's. Baroda was a Principality in Western India managed first by the East India company and then by the British Empire following the Indian mutiny. The Barodan armed forces were large and well supplied with modern British weaponry and were engaged in many conflicts as the Empire fought to expand and maintain its territories.

On the introduction of the Universal Pattern 1853 sword for cavalry privates in the British Army, a smaller sword, specifically for use by the more slightly built soldiers of the Indian cavalry regiments was produced. In addition to the variation in size, the two swords also had different scabbards, that for the India Pattern being equipped with a frog and hook and made of leather rather than metal, just like this example here.

As most Indian troopers preferred the slashing blades of the Pattern 1796 Cavalry type, which they were still allowed to carry at this date, it is unclear how many of these 1853 pattern swords were issued in India. However, they were still being issued to Indian State Forces after 1900.

This original Pattern 1853 cavalry saber is marked on the ricasso with RODWELL & CO / LONDON. Saber is in very good overall condition and measures 32” long with a total length of 37 ½”. The blade is just slightly curved and is in very good condition with just minor staining present.

The large, flat, iron hilt features a wide, flat knuckle bow with a two-branch counterguard and a quillon terminating in a flat disc. The top of the knuckle bow is stamped with the standard Indian Army marking of NS/BDA. The hilt is now a lovely tarnished silver and has the two-piece grips of original, checkered leather strips riveted to the blade tang with five iron rivets. The checkered grips are now mostly smoothed over, an evident sign of many years of service use.

The 32 ½” leather scabbard is the standard issue for use in the Indian Army. The black leather is in fantastic condition, but there are areas of wear and creases present. The steel throat and drag are unmarked and wear the same colored patina as the hilt, matching it perfectly.

A wonderful Cavalry Saber ready for further research and display.

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