Original Victorian Burmese Large Dha Temple Sword and Scabbard - Embossed Brass Covered

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. Sadly we rather suspect this fine sword was "liberated" from a local Temple in Burma, what we now know as Myanmar, by a returning British Soldier returning to England in the 1880s after victory had been achieved. This is a Country that for many years, almost since WW2, has isolated itself from the outside world. Burma in Southern Asia just to the south of Eastern India and Bangladesh is one of the cradles of humanity in that humans have been traced back there for almost 15,000 years. The British got involved in 1824 with the first Anglo-Burmese War, which continued on again off again for 60 years until in 1884 Great Britain added Burma to their Colonial Empire. In 1948 Burma received their Independence like many other Colonies.

This lovely and huge Sword measures 48" overall in its scabbard with an engraved 31" blade with designs we think are Buddist Monks etc.. Known as a "DHA", these style swords have been used for many hundreds of years. Our example is almost unused in that although well over 100 years of age it has never seen warfare. The entire weapon, hilt and scabbard are brass clad and very heavily embossed with floral and other decorative motifs. Originally this surface would either have been covered in gold or silver plating. It even retains its now rather faded body cord designed with pom-poms to be worn around the body for the sword to be carried on someone's back.

Much to learn about these fabled Burmese DHA Swords can be found in STONE'S "GLOSSARY" published in 1934 and reprinted in 1961 pages 206 and 207. Very Beautiful and ready to display.
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