Original USSR Soviet-Afghan War RPG-22 Netto Disposable Anti-Tank Rocket Launcher - Inert

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. The Soviet RPG-22 Netto is a one-shot disposable anti-tank rocket launcher first deployed in 1985, based on the RPG-18 rocket launcher, but firing a larger 72.5 mm fin stabilized projectile. The weapon fires an unguided projectile, can be prepared to fire in around 10 seconds, and can penetrate 400 mm of armor, 1.2 meters of brick or 1 meter of reinforced concrete.

This is a BATF compliant example that is completely inert (has been fired) and has a bore size hole cut into the side of the tube. These were designed to be disposed of just like the American LAW tubes, once fired they cannot be reloaded and used again. This tube is now a display piece and cannot be used as an explosive device.

Not Available For Export

The instruction label is mostly intact and can be translated if you would wish to do so. Just like with the American M72, it shows you how to cock and arm the rocket as well as what to do if the user had a misfire. Another important detail is the offset needed to avoid being hit by the backblast. The rear of the tube has arsenal markings and the tube designation of ВП-22 and a date of 12-89.

This is a wonderful item and comes ready for display!

The smoothbore container is made from two fiberglass parts; a main tube containing the rocket, and a telescoping forward extension, which slides over the barrel.

In transport mode, both ends of the barrel are closed by plastic covers, which open when the weapon is extended. The firing mechanism is manually cocked by raising the rear sight. Lowering the rear sight de-cocks the weapon if there is no target.

On firing, there is a backblast danger area behind the weapon, of at least 15 meters. The solid propellant motor completely burns out while the rocket is still in the barrel tube, accelerating it to about 133 meters per second. The weapon has simple pop-up sights graduated to ranges of 50, 150 and 250 meters.

To keep training costs down, a reusable RPG-22 is available that fires a 30 mm sub caliber projectile, weighing 350g, to operational ranges. Handling is identical to that of the full caliber version, with the exception of the discharge noise and backblast.

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