Original Uruguayan M1900 Cruciform Épée Bayonet & Scabbard for Belgian M1895 FN Mauser

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is a very rare bayonet, for use with Mauser M1895 Mauser Rifles made under contract by FN in Belgium. Previously, Uruguay had used the Daudeteau / Dovitis Rifle, which were German Mauser M1871 rifles converted in France. These were issued with Berthier/Lebel style needle bayonets, with a slot in the side for the cleaning rod.

The Uruguayan M1900 bayonet appears to incorporate the blade from the French bayonet originally supplied with the converted rifles, re-hilted for use with what Uruguay designated the Mauser Español-Brasilero Modelo 1895 (Spanish-Brazilian Mauser Model 1895).

The CRUCIFORM Épée blade measures over 20 inches and is fitted with a brass grip with a very curved steel cross guard. Overall length is about 25 inches. It comes complete with its correct steel scabbard, which is identical to the Lebel in construction.

In great condition and ready to display!

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