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Original Unissued U.S. Vietnam War KS-4A (2) Still Picture Camera Set by Graflex with Super Speed Graphic Camera & Accessories in Case

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Original Item: Only One Available. This is definitely one for you camera fans! This is an incredible unissued Vietnam War era KS-4A (2) Still Picture Camera Set by Graflex, which features a fantastic condition Super Speed Graphic large format camera. It comes in the original carrying case along with the usual accessories, all of which are in superb condition. Some show a bit of light wear, so it is possible that they were "borrowed" for a short time. This is a true TIME CAPSULE, the likes of which we will probably never see again!

The set comes in its original case, which still has a data tag reading:

SERIAL NO.    79
CONTRACT NO. AF33(657)-13502
GRAFLEX, INC.         U.S.

The set in the case weighs in at about 30lbs, and the case itself measures 22 1/2" x 13 1/2" x 8". Pieces of pink packaging material were added to the interior sometime recently to help make sure that all of the items are stable when the case is closed.

Inside the case are a number of accessories, including a tripod, flash, flash handle, straps, and what looks to be a remote trigger. There are several film plates as well, and what look to be some adapters and possibly some flash bulbs. There also is a fantastic flash handle, which should look familiar to any Star Wars Fan: Vintage Graflex flash handles were used as the base for Luke and Obi-Wan's light sabers.

We were unfortunately not able to test any of the equipment for functionality, however the shutter on the camera still works, and the other items most likely could be serviced. The camera condition is also excellent, with the accordion shaped "bellows" still being very pliable. There is little to no wear on any of the parts in this set. It definitely looks like it was mostly kept in storage for its entire life, only opened occasionally to admire.

This is a set that appeals to the camera and military enthusiast alike! Ready to display, or maybe even use!

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