Original Ukrainian Niello Silver Flintlock Cossack Pistol- Circa 1820

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is special, at first glance it could be Greek or Balkan, however, once properly examined it actually comes from what we now call southern Ukraine or, dare we say it, southern Russia. It really is "Cossack".

This lovely pistol dates to approximately 1820 and the stock appears to be made of solid silver. The decorated iron barrel and ornate lock are of high quality and the lock bears an unmistakable Russian style crown surmounted by a Russian Orthodox Christian Cross.

The solid silver stock is beautifully finished with Cossack style Niello work of multiple human beings and faces together with a hunting scene and even a complete warrior bearing a saber in one hand and a severed human head in the other.

The whole pistol is very solid and clearly totally original dating to the very early 19th century and Cossack in origin. From an old collection just disbursed in Europe this is a real peach of a find and not some cheap bazaar trash.

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