Original U.S. WWII Wood Transit Crate with 12 Dummy Mk 2 Grenades

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. Wood crate designed to hold 24 MK11A1 hand grenades. The fragmentation (frag) grenade has a filling of flakes of smokeless powder. The grenade's original version (Mk II) had a filling of TNT, but it was found that the violence of TNT over-fragmented the grenade, and the less violent filling of smokeless powder was sufficient to produce an adequate number of lethal fragments. The grenade was detonated by pulling a pin that ignited the delay fuse through a series of striking mechanisms, which then led to the ignition of the black powder, which then detonated the charge EC powder.

This original wood case (24 grenades to a case) has multiple wartime markings and come with twelve WWII post war manufactured dummy inert training grenades that each have an original blue dummy training fuze. Overall condition is very good.

Crates measures 25' x 9.'5 x 6'
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