Original U.S. WWII War Photographer Jacket - Made in England

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Original Item: One-of-a-kind. This is a genuine WW2 U.S. War Photographer marked jacket. The jacket is heavy wool in OD green, private purchase made we think in the UK, then embroidered on the left shoulder in yellow US WAR PHOTOGRAPHER. The jacket has no further markings. It is a large size, approximately 40 chest and features bakelite buttons, knitted waistband and heavy elastic cuffs.

War Photography in the 20th Century:
World War I was one of the first conflicts during which cameras were small enough to be carried on one's person. Canadian soldier Jack Turner secretly and illegally brought a camera to the battlefront and made photographs.

In the 20th century, professional photographers covered all the major conflicts, and many were killed as a consequence. One of the most famous was Robert Capa who covered the Spanish Civil War, the D-Day landings and the fall of Paris, and conflicts in the 1950s until his death by a landmine in Indochina in May 1954.

The famous photograph of the flag-raising on Mount Suribachi on Iwo Jima in 1945 was taken by photojournalist, Joe Rosenthal.

Unlike paintings, which presented a single illustration of a specific event, photography offered the opportunity for an extensive amount of imagery to enter circulation. The proliferation of the photographic images allowed the public to be well informed in the discourses of war. The advent of mass-reproduced images of war were not only used to inform the public but they served as imprints of the time and as historical recordings.

Mass-produced images did have consequences. Besides informing the public, the glut of images in distribution over-saturated the market, allowing viewers to develop the ability to disregard the immediate value and historical importance of certain photographs. Despite this, photojournalists continue to cover conflicts around the world.

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