Original U.S. WWII War Bonds Propaganda Poster - “They’re Fighting Harder Than Ever, Are You Buying More War Bonds Than Ever?” - 28” x 20”

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is a lovely, still vibrant poster featuring and image of an intense battle being fought with ground infantry as well as tanks, charging towards the enemy. The artwork was done by John Newton Hewitt and is an Official U.S. Treasury Poster.

War bonds (sometimes referred to as Victory bonds, particularly in propaganda) are debt securities issued by a government to finance military operations and other expenditure in times of war without raising taxes to an unpopular level. They are also a means to control inflation by removing money from circulation in a stimulated wartime economy. War bonds are either retail bonds marketed directly to the public or wholesale bonds traded on a stock market. Exhortations to buy war bonds have often been accompanied by appeals to patriotism and conscience. Retail war bonds, like other retail bonds, tend to have a yield which is below that offered by the market and are often made available in a wide range of denominations to make them affordable for all citizens.

The poster features a charging attack with grenade blasts in the background, a unit of American soldiers are in the thick of battle in this 1943 war bonds poster by John Newton Hewitt, entitled "They're Fighting Harder Than Ever." Painted with an emphasis on patriotic colors, the text urges the viewer to buy war bonds to support the soldiers pictured above. The poster was created during the time span of the Second and Third War Loan Drives. The Second War Loan Drive lasted 20 days, from April 12 through May 1, 1943 which raised $18.5 billion. The Third War Loan Drive lasted 23 days, from September 9 through October 1, 1943 and raised $19 billion. The bottom of the poster features a follow on message that reads “are you buying MORE WAR BONDS THAN EVER?”.

John Newton Hewitt (1885-1958) was an illustrator and fine arts painter. During the depression he illustrated many painted covers for pulp fiction books. This commercial painting style is evident in many of his World War II poster creations. He continued in the graphic arts with artwork for Colliers and Liberty magazines. He also developed a successful fine arts career in portraiture and landscape painting that idealized the mid-century American lifestyle.

The poster is in wonderful condition and only has real wear to the edges. The original fold marks present were done so to make the distribution and shipping process easier.

Comes more than ready for further research and display.

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