Original U.S. WWII - Vietnam War Era Army Air Forces Escape and Evasion “Silk” Map Lot - 4 Items

Item Description

Original Items: Only One Lot of 4 Available. Evasion charts or escape maps are maps made for service members, and intended to be used when caught behind enemy lines to assist in performing escape and evasion. Such documents were secreted to prisoners of war by various means to aid in escape attempts.

During World War II, these clandestine maps were used by many American, British, and allied servicemen to escape from behind enemy lines. Special material was used for this purpose, due to the need for a material that would be hardier than paper, and would not tear or dissolve in water.

Evasion charts produced for the US, UK, and NATO were printed on vinyl sheets in the 1960s. Modern evasion charts are made of Tyvek 'paper', which permit printing of minute detail while remaining waterproof and tear-resistant.

The Maps Featured In This Lot:
- 1951 USAF Cloth Chart, Gulf of Bothnia / White Sea (39” x 41”)
- 1951 USAF Cloth Chart, Kara Sea / Arctic Ocean (43” x 35”): Map does have torn sections and missing pieces.
- 1945 AAF Cloth Chart, Japan and South China Seas / East China Sea (33” x 30”)
- RAAF Silk Map, South Borneo (23 ½” x 33”)

All maps are in great condition, all legible and with clear colors and images. They do have fold marks in them from many years of storage, but nothing damaging besides the one noted. They all come more than ready to display.

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