Original U.S. WWII Vehicle / Aircraft Instrument Lot Featuring Pioneer 1829-2-A Magnetic Compass and AN5751-1 Gyro Transmitter - 2 Items

Item Description

Original Items: Only One Lot of 2 Available. This is a fantastic pair of items that was used during the WWII era into the Korean War era. Both of these items were seen being used in various military vehicles and aircraft for navigational purposes.

The Items In This Lot:
- AN5751-1 Gyro Transmitter: The Gyro Transmitter AN5751-1 was an integral component of the WWII era Bendix Gyro FluxGate Compass System, used in aircraft such as the B-17, B-24, and B-29. The 7-component FluxGate Compass system was designed to provide accurate navigational guidance using the earth's magnetic forces by minimizing interference from the systems of the aircraft, such as its turrets, guns, and engines. A fluxgate gyro transmitter typically located within the wing would send signals to the Master Compass Indicator normally located in the navigator's compartment, which in turn would transmit these signals to smaller repeater indicators located at other positions such as the pilots instrument panel.

This example is in fantastic condition though we cannot confirm its status in regards to a functional piece of equipment, this is being sold purely as a novelty item. The original data tags/plates all appear to be present. There is some “rattling” noises coming from inside of the bell housing, so there is more than likely pieces or parts that are broken inside. The bell housing itself is in good condition but does have a crack in it, giving us a glimpse into the internal structure.

- Pioneer 1829-2-A Magnetic Compass: The Pioneer 1829-2-A Magnetic Compass was used in various US military vehicles and naval craft during WWII. It has a screw-type heeling compensator, a removable drawer-type compensator, a screw-type horizontal compensator, and a spider-type compensator, all for the elimination of errors caused by magnetism. Has a constant deviation corrector and a course setter. With a rotatable dial engraved with the compass card graduations. The compass is mounted virtually anywhere and rotates within the framework of the body to give another thirty degrees of adjustment. Also, it has a rotating disk with Pioneer and numbers on it for us as a course reminder.

This example is in wonderful condition and shows signs of moderate use and wear. All information and data plates appear to be present and are easily discernible, this example even retains the original flathead brass tool used for maintenance and correction purposes. There is no visible damage and the compass itself does appear to be functional, though we cannot guarantee its ability to be used as a navigational item, and is only being sold as a novelty display piece.

Both are wonderful items and come more than ready to be displayed.

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