Original U.S. WWII USN / USMC NAF Named 1092S Cloth Flight Helmet with TH-37 Earphones and Goggles

Item Description

Original Items: Only One Set Available. This is a very nice, if not somewhat rare, USN or USMC Summer Aviator helmet set, complete with a stamped name on the back of the helmet: R. D. CRUMBAUGH. The NAF (Naval Air Forces) 1092S helmet was the standard Navy flight helmet early in WWII, and was the summer (Hence the "S") version of the lined leather 1092. This example was made by SLOTE & KLEIN, as indicated on the label below the contract number. This would be more easily visible, however this helmet was modified, as many were during WWII.

These early design helmets unfortunately did not have any provision for directly mounted headphones, which rapidly became a big shortcoming. However with the cloth helmets, this was easily remedied by making some holes, and mounting post production ear cups of various configurations. This helmet has had small snap-closed leather pouches installed on the outside of the helmet, which hold a set of TYPE TH 37 earphone receivers by Telephonics Corporation of New York City, which is marked on each side. Additionally, some round velvet-like pads have been installed on the inside of the helmet, for greater comfort while flying. The modifications were all done with the proper khaki colored cloth, and look very nice.

The helmet is overall in very good shape, as are the earphones. The main issue is that the leather chin strap for the helmet has unfortunately dried and degraded due to age, so it is in delicate condition. The included AVIATORS GOGGLES are by AMERICAN OPTICAL COMPANY, and are also in very good shape, contained in their original aluminum protective case. The elastic is still stretchy, and the goggles are in very good condition.

A great chance to pick up a nice wartime modified flight helmet with accessories, named to a WWII Aviator. Ready to display!

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