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Original U.S. WWII USN Marked Waco Airplane Wooden Propeller - 94 Inches

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Original Item: Only One Available. This is a fantastic U.S. Navy stamped vintage wooden propeller produced before or during World War Two by Fahlin Propellers of Columbus, Missouri. The propeller is in excellent condition and is constructed of laminated wood with brass tips and brass edge lining and still retains original Fahlin decals as well as multiple stamped markings that read:

FAHLIN D762-71
NO. 17927 H.P. 220
R.P.M. 2100
ATC 533


Ole (Olaf) Fahlin (May 8, 1901 – January 26, 1992) was a Swedish aviator who made his career manufacturing propellers and aviation products in the United States. He also developed prototype airplanes and worked in projects with Chrysler and Lockheed Corporation. His propellers were famous for their performance. During World War II he manufactured propellers for the U.S. government.

This model of propeller was used on the Waco Airplane's in including the UIC and UBA in conjunction with a Continental R670 AC 220 hp Engine, reference can be found using this link.

The 1933 Waco UIC is a classic cabin aircraft design from the golden age of aviation. Its stable construction provided forgiving flight characteristics and moderate performance. Throughout its entire development, the Waco cabin series remained almost identical in its basic configuration with yearly upgrades of engines, streamlining, equipment, and creature comforts, similar to the auto industry, which kept the price reasonable for prospective owners. As one of Waco's most successful styles, the UIC was popular as a corporate aircraft with famous names such as Jacqueline Cochran, Henry Dupont, and Gar Wood. it was also used in the late 1930s as a U.S. Military reconnaissance and training aircraft.

Dimensions of the propeller are 94 inches x 9 x 6 and weighs approximately 30 lbs.

This is a fantastic rare piece of aviation and WW2 history that will display beautifully.

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