Original U.S. WWII USMC Field Gear Set: M1941 Upper Bag, M1 Carbine Pouch w/ Mags & More

Item Description

Original Item: Only one Set Available. This is a fantastic WWII U.S. Marine Corps Pacific Theater field gear set! The "island hopping" campaigns of the Pacific War had somewhat different requirements than the European theater due to the climate. They also used somewhat different small arms, relying much more on the shorter M1 Carbine.

This excellent set consists of the following items:

  • A U.S. WWII M-1941 USMC 2nd Pattern Haversack - Upper Bag. This was part of the standard USMC load out, and could also have the "Lower Bag" attached to it. It is in very good condition, with just some light wear, and all straps and buckles appear to be intact and functional. The inside of the top flap is marked U.S.M.C. / BOYT / 44, for 1944 manufacture by Boyt Harness Company of Des Moines, Iowa. There is also a stamped name between the shoulder straps, but it was not stamped clearly.
  • A pouch for Five 20 round magazines for the Thompson M1928A1, M1, and M1A1 Submachine Guns. This pouch is in good condition, and does show fading in wear. It is in the Pre-WWII "Mustard Tan" color used by the Marine Corps, and is faintly marked U.S.M.C. on the back. Above this is it has some writing, and looks to be marked with a soldiers name, which we cannot quite make out.
  • An M1 Carbine magazine pouch, complete with two 15 round M1 Carbine magazines. The Pouch itself is in excellent nearly unissued condition, and is marked on the back RUBON / K.C. 1943, with U.S. on the front. It contains two excellent condition M1 Carbine magazines, marked M N on the back for manufacture by National Postal Meter. (Please note: springs and followers will be removed from magazines where required).
  • A U.S.M.C. Frog Skin Camouflage Mosquito Net Helmet cover, as used by snipers, in unissued condition. These were extremely useful in the jungle conditions often faced on the islands, and were very useful at keeping bugs away from the snipers face. This was very important, as excessive movement would give away their position.

Overall a fine excellent condition United States Marine Corps set, not often encountered!

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