Original U.S. WWI USMC 3rd Battalion 6th Marines Uniform Insignia Patch

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is an ultra rare uniform patch insignia from World War One for the 3rd Battalion 6th Marines (3/6). The patch features a blue felt diamond background that measures 3 3/8 inches square, with white felt five pointed star and a multiple piece felt Indian Head to the center. These patches are extremely rare and ones in this high grade excellent condition are close to impossible to find on the market.

3rd Battalion 6th Marines was activated on August 14, 1917, at Quantico, Virginia, as the 3rd Battalion, 6th Regiment. They were quickly deployed during October–November 1917 to France and assigned to the 4th Brigade, American Expeditionary Force. They participated in the following World War I offensive campaigns: Aisne-Marne, Saint-Mihiel and the Meuse-Argonne. They also participated in the following World War I defensive campaigns: Toulon-Troyon, Chateau-Thiery, Marabache, and Limey. Following the war they took part in the occupation of the Rhineland, December 1918-July 1919. They returned during July–August 1919 to Quantico, Virginia. The battalion was deactivated August 20, 1919

3/6 was reactivated June 14, 1922, at Quantico, Virginia, as the 3rd Battalion, 6th Regiment and assigned to the 4th Brigade. They participated in maneuvers at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, June–July 1922 and attached to the Marine Corps Expeditionary Force. They were shortly thereafter deactivated August 10, 1922, at Quantico, Virginia

Again reactivated June 12, 1924, at Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic they were relocated during July 1924 to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. They moved during January 1925 to Quantico, Virginia and were again deactivated February 1, 1925. Reactivated April 1927 at Norfolk, Virginia, as the 3rd Battalion, 6th Regiment and assigned to the provisional regiment. They deployed during April–July 1927 to Tientsin, China and reassigned to the 3rd Marine Brigade. The Battalion was redesignated October 4, 1927, as the 1st Battalion, 12 Regiment and redesignated again on April 22, 1928, as the 3rd Battalion, 6th Regiment. In October 1928 they moved to San Diego, California and were deactivated November 10, 1928.
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