Original U.S. WWII USAAF Bomber Type A-4 Walk Around Oxygen Bottle with AN 6022-1 Regulator and Type A-9 Mask

Item Description

Original Items: Only One Set Available. In the days of modern jet travel, many forget that during WWII pressurized cabins were not used by bombers. At altitudes over 10,000 feet, the crew all had to rely on pressurized oxygen to keep from blacking. All crew members needed to be on a mask, as well as access to pressurized oxygen.

For crews in bombers such as the B-17 and B-24, this was provided by oxygen lines run to the various stations within the plane. However they could not always be tied to their station, and sometimes would have to move to check on things such as the bomb bay, etc. In this case they would use a "Walk Around" oxygen supply apparatus., with a small portable bottle, regulator and mask.

This Wonderful Set Consists of one of each of the following:
- WWII USAAF TYPE A4-SPEC Breathing Oxygen Bottle by M.S.A.. Painted bright green for easy identification and location, this example is dated JUNE 1943, and is in very good condition. It still has all the correct markings visible on the side, with the expected wear from service.

- WWII USAAF AN 6022-1 REGULATOR ASSEMBLY - DEMAND OXYGEN, with clip and attached oxygen tube and mask connector. This regulator by LION MFG. CORP. properly restricted and regulated the flow from the oxygen bottle, to maximize effectiveness. It has a clip on the back to attach to the flight suit, and also has a nozzle on the side to refill it. It has a pressure gauge on the end, though we cannot guarantee that any part of it is functional. The hose is still supple, and possibly post war, as these were used long into the 1950s. The regulator however has a 44 dated serial number.

- WWII USAAF MASK, OXYGEN, TYPE A-9, SHORT rubber oxygen mask for use with regulators. This mask was manufactured 1-41 and bears the Acushnet maker marking. It has the complete head harness for use without a flight helmet. It is however missing the metal end fitting to lock into the end of the hose.

A very nice walk around oxygen set from WWII, ready to add to your USAAF Bomber Collection!

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