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Original U.S. WWII USAAF Estoppey D-8 Bomb Sight in Case

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Original Item: Only One Available. This is an exceptionally rare complete and unissued Estoppey D-8 bombsight in transit chest. Only approximately 9,000 Estoppey bombsights were ever produced. The Estoppey bombsight, designed by Georges Estoppey, used a clock timer mechanism to compute the drop angle. This was a much simpler and cheaper device than the Norden or Sperry bomb sights. There was a severe shortage of Norden bombsights just before WWII and in the early years, so Estoppeys were called into heavy production beginning in 1938. The bombardiers would wind the timer up with a crank, set the time of fall information into the front dial, then rotate the crank in the opposite direction to activate the timer. He would then look from the top wire down to the front wire, and rotate the crank so as to keep the front wire on the target. When the timer ran out, the crank was locked out, fixing the wire position. He would then shift to looking from the top wire down to the rear wire. When the target came into view, he would release the bomb. Here is a video of another operational Estoppey D-8 Bombsight:



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