Original U.S. WWII USAAF Aviator Flight Helmet Set - AN6530 Goggles, A-11 Helmet, & Type A-13 Oxygen Mask

Item Description

Original Items: Only One Set Available. Now this is a very attractive, iconic set of US Military flight gear from WWII. Just recently acquired from a private collection, this is a wonderful “kickstart” set for the younger collector looking for a place to start!

The items in this set:

- WWII USAAF Leather flight helmet type A-11: There is no tag present but the helmet itself is in wonderful condition.

- Green Tint A-N 6530 Goggles (relic condition): AN-6530 Goggles were produced during World War II as eye protection for United States Army and Navy flight crews. In 1943, the AN-6530 design replaced as standard the nearly identical USAAF B-7 goggle produced by Chas Fischer Spring Company of Brooklyn, New York. Contracts for AN-6530 goggles were awarded to Chas Fischer Spring Co. and American Optical. The AN-6530's frame is nickel-plated brass and steel. Construction consists of stamped and milled pieces, soldered together. Milled brass pieces form the bridge and ferrule/strap lugs, and pieces of stamped sheet steel form the frame to hold the facepad and lenses. The ferrule / strap lugs are split lengthwise to facilitate removal and insertion of the lenses and rubber facepad. The lugs are secured closed by a salt-blued or parkerized and knurled carbon steel ferrule.

- WWII USAAF Oxygen Mask Type A-13 manufactured by MSA: Size medium and offered in wonderful condition.

An incredibly beautiful U.S. Army Air Force leather flying helmet set that will display wonderfully!

United States Army Air Forces Type A-11 Intermediate Flying Helmet; seal brown cape leather exterior shell with black rubber earphone cups; missing black rubber earphone plugs or Type ANB-H-1 Radio Headphone Receiver; chamois lining and ear pads; cap leather and chamois buckle chin strap; turn down brow flap; three brass snaps for oxygen mask located on the left and right chin of the helmet; leather buckle strap on the back nap of the helmet to adjust the helmet size; three leather straps on back of helmet to hold the flight goggle's strap; double reinforced seam on each side of helmet; dark white sewn in manufacturer's tag on inside back neck of the helmet with embroidered red letter text; white stenciled Army Air Forces winged star insignia with white letter text "ARMY AIR FORCES" below insignia on left exterior side of helmet.

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