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Original U.S. WWII US Navy Seabee Occupation Era Marshall Islands Send Back Lot - 9 Items

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Original Items: Only One Lot of 9 Available. This is a lovely little grouping sent home by US Navy Seabee “Benny” Wiseman some time in late 1945 to early 1946. The Gilbert and Marshall Islands campaign were a series of battles fought from August 1942 through February 1944, in the Pacific theater of World War II between the United States and Japan. They were the first steps of the drive across the central Pacific by the United States Pacific Fleet and Marine Corps.

Following capture and occupation by the United States during World War II, the Marshall Islands, along with several other island groups located in Micronesia, passed formally to the United States under United Nations auspices in 1947 as part of the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands established pursuant to Security Council Resolution 21.

We have not been able to locate much on Wiseman, but what we did find can be a little confusing. We found a Wiseman born in 1889 and having registered for the draft. However, we found a “BF Wiseman” that enlisted in 1946, but the branch was not clarified. The Dixie Cup cap is marked in multiple sports with B.F. WISEMAN and laundry number W2004, making for a wonderful research opportunity.

The items in the lot are actually quite lovely and unique. There are two brass ashtrays that appear to be constructed from shell casings, but no markings are present. The ashtrays both measure 2 ⅛” in diameter and stand at 1 ½” tall. The aluminum cuff band was well taken care of and was unfortunately polished at some point, removing any patina that may have been present. The cuff is undamaged and features lovely tropical motif engravings on the front a long with the words MARSHALL ISLANDS with MAJURO / ATOLL engraved above and below the central palm tree. The inside of the band is another engraving which states TO A DARLING WIFE / BENNY. The other 3 metal bands are constructed of thin sheet steel and appear to be 3 watch bands, 2 complete and one unfinished.

The boxed photo album is in lovely, unused condition. The wood painted album features an incredible map of Korea and Japan with key cities inlaid with what appears to be mother of pearl. This album dates to at least 1945 due to the 38th Parallel being marked on Korea, which was established in 1945 by the USA and the USSR. The album is in near perfect condition but does have minor denting in the wood present. All colors are still vibrant and intact.

This is a fantastic little grouping and comes more than ready for further research and display.

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