Original U.S. WWII US Marine Bring Back Philippine Bolo Recovered From Dead Japanese Soldier - Battle of Leyte 1944

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Original Item: Only One Available. Now this is a fantastic example of a WWII era Filipino Bolo that was captured by a Japanese soldier who was later killed in action by a US Marine during the Battle of Leyte. The Japanese soldier was relieved of this bolo in November of 1944, halfway into the Battle.

The Battle of Leyte in the Pacific campaign of World War II was the amphibious invasion of the island of Leyte in the Philippines by American forces and Filipino guerrillas under the overall command of General Douglas MacArthur, who fought against the Imperial Japanese Army in the Philippines led by General Tomoyuki Yamashita. The operation, codenamed King Two, launched the Philippines campaign of 1944–45 for the recapture and liberation of the entire Philippine Archipelago and to end almost three years of Japanese occupation.

This knife is made in a curved, almost sickle like design, except it is sharpened on the outer edge. This example is only sharpened from one side, much like many of the U.S. "bolo" machetes. It is contained in homemade cardboard scabbard. This example dates to the early 20th century period, and has a 14 ½ inch curved blade, with an overall length of 19 ¼ inches. The blade is 1 ⅞ inches wide at its widest point. The grip is made from a single piece of wood, with the tang of the blade pressed in directly and most likely glued in place with plant resin.

The cardboard scabbard appears to have been period made or soon after the war. It is completely covered in tape, which has become brittle in some areas and the tip of the blade sticks out through the bottom. Underneath the tape on the upper left side of the scabbard is a printed paper label with the following information on it:

Taken November 1944 by
a Marine on Leyte from
a dead Jap.”

Both the scabbard and the bolo are in great condition. The right side of the blade does have some minor surface rust present and there is old pitying throughout the blade. There are nicks on the edge and in the handle, this was a blade that definitely saw service use.

Comes more than ready for further research and display!

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