Original U.S. WWII US Army Signal Corps Named Uniform Grouping - Overseas Cap, Tunic, Pants, Greatcoat

Item Description

Original Items: Only One Group of 4 Available. Congress established the U.S. Army Signal Corps on March 3, 1863, and today it is in charge of communications and information systems support for the armed forces. During World War I the Signal Corps was responsible for communications. The most common association between this group and women during the war is the overseas service of 223 "Hello Girls" who operated long-distance switchboards at the American Expeditionary Forces headquarters in Chaumont, France.  However, the Signal Corps had other responsibilities during the war, such as army aviation (until May 1918) and photography. The Photographic Section of the Signal Corps was established in June 1917, and it was responsible for the U.S. Army’s official ground and aerial photography of World War I.
The Following Is Included In This Group:
- Named Signal Corps Green Tunic: The tunic is a blank canvas featuring all button and snaps and collar devices for US and Signal Corps. No rank or any other devices are featured on this tunic. H.J. Wear is handwritten on the inside collar. Unfortunately we have not been able to locate service information, making this a wonderful research opportunity. The condition is very nice with minor moth nips and staining present.

- Green Wool Pants: The pants are in lovely condition, faded with minor moth nips. No markings can be found.

- Green Wool Greatcoat: The greatcoat features a Medics Sergeant Chevron on the right sleeve with a 3rd Army patch on the left sleeve as well as 3 overseas stripes indicating 1.5 years of service overseas. There are no markings visible. The coat is in lovely condition with some fading present.

- Green Wool Overseas Cap: The cover is broad arrow stamped indicating British manufacture. There is moderate staining on the outside and inside and the ghosting of a cap device is present. There is no extensive damage but the expected moth nips.
This is a wonderful opportunity to add beautiful AEF uniform items to your collections. Comes ready for research and display!
Collar to shoulder: 11”
Shoulder to sleeve: 25”
Shoulder to shoulder: 19”
Chest width: 20”
Waist width: 24”
Hip width: 32”
Front length: 45"

Collar to shoulder: 10”
Shoulder to sleeve: 22”
Shoulder to shoulder: 17”
Chest width: 18”
Waist width: 18”
Hip width: 20”
Front length: 30"
Pants Waist: 34"
Pants Inseam: 25.5
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