Original U.S. WWII Uncle Sam Operational Security Poster - I'm Counting On You! Don't Discuss - OWI Poster No. 78 - 20" x 28"

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. During WWII, the government commissioned propaganda posters to teach American citizens and soldiers that careless speech could endanger national security. Any American with knowledge of troop movements, military equipment, or any other information that might prove useful to the enemy was encouraged to keep quiet. To remind all Americans of their duty, the Office of War Information (OWI) commissioned artists to create propaganda posters. The posters were hung in public places and widely reprinted. They used imagery that tugged at heartstrings, invoked fear, and appealed to a sense of patriotism.

This 20" x 28" designed by the artist L. Helguera, shows a color drawing of Uncle Sam's head with finger to his lips on a blue background. The artist's name, "L. Helguera," is shown near the lower left corner of the drawing. The following message can be found above and below Uncle Sam:

"I'm Counting On You!
Don't Discuss:
Troop Movements, Ship Sailings, War Equipment."

Small printed text along the lower edge of the poster shows

"OWI Poster No. 78 - 20” x 28” Additional copies may be obtained upon request from the Division of Public Inquiries, Office of War Information, Washington, D.C." and "U.S. Government Printing Office: 1943-O-534057."

The poster is an unrestored totally original poster with a clean overall appearance. It has minor signs of use, such as slight edge and fold wear, and very minor creases. The Poster has been folded, as it was originally done for mailing to various government locations around the country.

Comes ready to be mounted, framed and displayed!

Concerns about national security intensify in wartime. During World War II, the Government alerted citizens to the presence of enemy spies and saboteurs lurking just below the surface of American society. "Careless talk" posters warned people that small snippets of information regarding troop movements or other logistical details would be useful to the enemy. Well-meaning citizens could easily compromise national security and soldiers' safety with careless talk.

“Words are ammunition. Each word an American utters either helps or hurts the war effort. He must stop rumors. He must challenge the cynic and the appeaser. He must not speak recklessly. He must remember that the enemy is listening.”

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