Original U.S. WWII U. S. Navy First Aid Medical Corpsman Medical Bandage Kit with Bag

Item Description

Original Items: Only One Available. This is a super rare medical dressing kit featuring genuine WWII U. S. Navy First Aid Medical Corpsmans bag complete with medical accessories as originally issued. The bag measures 9 x 7 x 3 inches, but has an expansion on the bottom, which makes it 9 x 12 x 3 inches. It has metal strap tips and clasps. Included inside the bag are the following NOS totally original WW2 accessories:

- Large Bandage Scissors.

- 2 x U.S. Army Carlisle Model Small Battle Dressing Sterilized - Camouflaged, dated SEPT. 21 1944 in original cardboard boxes.

- 2 x Carlisle Model Small Battle Dressing Sterilized - Camouflaged, in green Aluminum paper packaging.

- One U.S. Army Carlisle Model LARGE Battle Dressing Sterilized - Camouflaged, by Handy Pad Supply Co. in original cardboard box.

-  One Head Dressing Adjustable Medium by Handy Pad Supply Co in original cardboard box dated FEB 5 1945.

- One Bandage Gauze Compressed Camouflaged in Waxed Paper Wrapper dated June 29 1943.

- One Bottle of 100 Water Purification tablets

- One Bandage, Gauze, Compressed, Camouflaged in Waxed Paper Wrapper by ACME COTTON PRODUCTS.

- One PLAIN GAUZE BANDAGE COMPRESSED CAMOUFLAGED 3 inches by 6 yards in waxed paper wrapper dated 1943.

- One Plain Gauze, Bandage Compressed 1 inch x 6 yards by Johnson & Johnson Dated Nov 3, 1942 in original packaging.


- One DRESSING, FIRST AID, MEDIUM in original box by Surgical Dressings, Inc.

- One Bandage, Gauze, Roller 2 inches by 6 yards, Sterilized, by Marsales Co. Inc. New York.

- One 4 INCH BANDAGE COMPRESS by Handy Pad Supply Co.

- One BANDAGE TRIANGULAR COMPRESSED, O.D. (with 2 safety pins) "Dyed Dressings" by Richard Green & Co., New York.

- One Tourniquet Braided Line Spanish Windlass Type by Guyot Bros Co, Inc

- Foot Powder M.D. U.S.N by Jean Vivaudou Co. New York in original blue tin container.

Combat medic items are among the most desirable of all WWII U.S. army groupings due to their selfless heroic service and scarcity due to the high number of casualties. 

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