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Original U.S. WWII Trench Lighter Collection - 4 Lighters

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Original Items: Only One Lot of 4 Available. Next to headgear, items like Cigarette Lighters are some of the most personal items a Militaria collector can obtain. Not only are they personal items in their own right, but the details of them can serve as an identifier of the owner to whom the item belonged. An indicative item of one’s personality, these have become very sought after items on the collector’s market the last several years.

All lighters are currently not in working order, but appear to just need new flints and fuel. We cannot guarantee functionality. These are sold solely as collector’s items only!

The lighters in this lot:
- Bowers Trench Lighter: Commonly known as the trench lighter, this style lighter was produced and made popular by Bowers as well as other manufacturers. The elegant design of the Bowers trench lighter makes for a classic look for any style. Featuring a unique operating method, simply slide the external sleeve up (stuck), automatically uncovering the wick, providing a wind shield, and strike the flint wheel.

- Austrian Made IMCO Trench Lighter: IMCO was an Austrian manufacturer of cigarette lighters. Established in 1907 by Julius Meister, who was formerly a manufacturer of brass buttons for the Austro-Hungarian Army. At the top is the snuffer-cap which is unfortunately broken. On the right is the flint-tube and striker-wheel. At the bottom of the flint-tube is the spring-loaded arm which keeps the flint hard up against the wheel. Pulling this arm down pulls back the spring so that you can drop in a fresh flint. The brass sleeve around the lighter body is the windshield.

- Signal-U Fyre-Fly Trench Lighter: This is a lovely aluminum trench lighter by Signal-U Manufacturing Company of Youngstown, Ohio. The stamping is present on the bottom but most of which is worn away.

- British .303 Round Trench Art Lighter: This is a fantastic example of a trench art trench lighter constructed from a 1938 dated 303 round. This was a common sight to see during war time. It appears to have been constructed of already existing parts.

All come more than ready for further research and display.

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