Original U.S. WWII Trench Art Ashtray w/ Sterling Senior Pilot Wings and Handcrafted Bell P-39 Airacobra

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is an outstanding example of WWII Trench Art featuring a base made from a Large British 4 Inch Shell upon which a pair of Sterling Silver Command Pilot Wings has been brazed. The inside of the shell was fitted with an aluminum removable ashtray, and a brass cover which fits around the shell’s fuze housing. Best of all is the handmade brass Bell P-39 Airacobra which serves as the finial for this piece of trench art!

The practice of creating trench art is as old as military conflict itself. During the American Revolution, prisoners of war created ship models from the bones of their rations. Soldiers in the Civil War carved charms and trinkets from lead bullets. World War I brought the advent of "classic" examples of trench art—and gave name to the pastime—as changes in technology presented soldiers with the material that best characterized the art form: the brass cartridge. During World War II, a more mechanized army offered increased access to the tools needed to fashion trench art, and the artifacts became more varied in form and were produced in greater quantity.

The condition and craftsmanship of this tabletop ashtray is just absolutely beautiful. It shows signs of being heavily used and cherished throughout the years. The brass has long since tarnished, giving it that beautiful almost brown color look. This is definitely bound to turn some heads and would look great on an end table.

Without a doubt this is certainly one of the most amazing pieces of Trench Art we have seen in recent memory! Comes ready to display in your WWII trench art collections!

Overall height: 11”
Airplane: 5 ¼ ” long x 6” wide
Shell Base: 5 ½ ” wide x 2” tall

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