Original U.S. WWII to Vietnam War USMC Pilot Brigadier General Manning T. Jannell Large Uniform Items Grouping - 60 Items

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Original Items: Only One Grouping Available. Now this is an incredible grouping attributed to legendary Marine Corps fighter pilot Manning Titcomb Jannell, who served a total of 34 years from 1942 to 1976! He had an impressive career and received various medals for valor.

He graduated from high school in 1940, then attended Valley Forge Military Academy. In 1942, he entered the Marine Corps and was subsequently trained as a Naval Aviator and commissioned a Second Lieutenant.

The following are just some of the highlights of his illustrious career:

In WWII, he was an F-4U Corsair night-fighter pilot in the Pacific theater, specifically the Okinawa Campaign.

In Korea, Captain Jannell was a Tigercat night-fighter pilot with the 1st Marine Aircraft Wing (aka 'Flying Nightmare'), & received a Purple Heart for his injuries. He also received the Distinguished Flying Cross for personal heroism. Major Jannell was the Commanding Officer of fighter-bomber squadron within Marine Aircraft Group 33, part of the 1st Marine Aircraft Wing. He was also awarded a Gold Star in lieu of a 2nd Award of the Distinguished Flying Cross, for his extraordinary achievement while participating in aerial flight.

S/Sgt Kermit Moffitt, a radar observer in VMF(N)-542 remembered a mission with his pilot, Captain Manning Jannell, over the Suan area, slightly southeast of Pyongyang. “The weather was perfect for striking targets of opportunity. On this night, we were working with a flare-ship which could give us sufficient light to get down low and deal out a lot of damage to anything that moved.

“Our Tigercat was loaded with eight 5in HVARs [high velocity aircraft rockets] and 800 rounds of 20mm ammo along with one canister of napalm. When we arrived in our designated area, the flare-ship dropped two flares over a deep valley that was suspected of housing a lot of enemy road activity.

“As we descended under the flares, we noticed several vehicles near a small village. We had caught a convoy right before they had begun to camouflage their trucks. This was a common tactic used by the Chinese because they figured we would not level an innocent village in order to destroy their supplies and vehicles.”

“Once the flares had ignited, they immediately stopped their trucks, figuring that a stationary target was harder to spot than one that was moving. Now, in the middle of all this were three tanks lined up bumper to bumper. What a target! “Captain Jannell made one pass to assess and on his second pass he released the napalm. It hit right in the middle and the ball of fire engulfed the tanks. All three were destroyed and this was confirmed by our forward air controller.

“We continued over the area, taking out two trucks with our rockets. Most of the enemy vehicles had dispersed off out of the light that the flares provided, but we continued to hunt them down. We finally exhausted the remaining rockets and all 800 rounds of 20mm taking out several more Chinese trucks and supply caches.

“The entire time we were shooting everything up: we were in one of those deep valleys which would have been treacherous to fly through without any light! The moonless nights usually worked to our advantage and the flare-ships provided us with what we needed to get the job done.”

In the 1950s, he participated in the Johnson Island Nuclear Testing Program.

During the sixties, Major Jannell served at the European Headquarters Command in Paris, France. He was subsequently deployed to Vietnam, where he commanded Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 364. During a second tour in Vietnam, LtCol Jannell piloted a helicopter carrying a wounded Vietnamese soldier with an unexploded mortar shell embedded in his body, from the battlefield to Da Nang, where successful surgery was performed.

In 1971, he was promoted to Brigadier General, while Assistant Quartermaster General at Headquarters Marine Corps in D.C.

His final tour was as Commanding General of the Marine Corps Logistics Base at Barstow CA.

Brigadier General Jannell retired in 1976 and moved to San Diego CA. In 1978, he relocated to Alexandria VA where he remained until his death.

The Items In This Grouping:
- K&E Slide Rule W/ Instruction Book: Good, functioning condition.
- Dalton Dead Reckoning Computer Type E-6B: The computer comes with the original case and both are marked with M.T. JANNELL.
- x3 Computers: One is a Helicopter Performance Computer, second is an Aircraft Navigational Computer Mk 8, the third one is an Aircraft Navigational Computer Mk 8-A and has faint writing on the reverse one being Jannell.
- Dietzgen 1095 J Drafting Tools (Complete Set): This is a lovely 11 Piece set and is complete.
- x3 Uniform Items: The items consists of (2) Officer’s ornamental cuff sleeves, 1st Marine Aircraft Wing helmet patch.
- Miscellaneous Uniform Buttons: 9 buttons in total
- x5 Dog Tags: 1 of the dog tags is Jannell’s from the USNR during WWII. The other 4 dog tags belong to his wife and daughter, Angela and Lenora and are marked as US National.
- x13 Marine Corps & Civilian Attire Formal Items: The items consists of tie tacks and tie bars, small 1st MAW enamel device and a Valley Forge Military Academy pocket watch chain with fob.
- x7 Rank Insignia and 2 Ribbons: The rank insignias consists of 2 silver bullion Colonel tabs, 5 General Stars and 2 ribbons for a Silver Star with 1 Bronze Star Device and a Distinguished Flying Cross with Silver Star Device.
- x7 Name Tags: 3 nametags are leather for use on flying gear, 3 appear to be schoolhouse used nametags and the last one is a nametag that would have been worn on the USMC Bravos and Charlies uniforms.
- x6 ID Card, Qualification Cards and Business Card: The ID card is his USNR card, 4 Navy flying instrument qualification cards and a Business Card from when he was a Colonel.
- Miles Martini Pedometer: The pedometer is German made.
- USN Whistle
- Survival Matches: The matches are housed in a small silver cylinder which is the same kind found in survival kits.
- Flight Suit: The flight suit is marked with Jannell’s name in multiple places and has a set of USN pilot wings. This is a summer flight suit and a size 38 Long.
- USMC Black Boots: The boots are slightly worn and are made by Genesco in a size 8 ½R.

This is an incredible grouping with great research potential on a Marine Corps General who had an exceptional career!

Comes ready to display.

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