Original U.S. WWII to 21st Century “Remember Pearl Harbor” Patriotic Pin and Insignia Lot - 39 Items

Item Description

Original Items: Only One Collection Available. Collection of WWII “Remember Pearl Harbor” Pins ranging from war time to modern time. Fantastic collection illustrating the wide array in varieties of this pin that was very popular on the American homefront during WWII. Varying styles, all with the consistent theme of “Remember Pearl Harbor”. Some have additional American flags or ships connected. Some are still attached to their original store cards!

The attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 ignited not only anger towards the enemy, it also sparked a wildfire of patriotism in every American in all corners of the country. As the war effort was kicked into overdrive, Americans did everything they could to remind each other why they were fighting and what could be lost. A prime example of these reminders is this brooch you are looking at here. It is very patriotic in nature and design, with the slogan “Remember Pearl Harbor” with a pearl instead of the word “Pearl”. In the early years of WWII how could you not remember Pearl Harbor?

The pins vary in size, ranging from 1 “ - 3”. As expected during the shortage and rationing efforts that took place during WWII, they are made from varying materials; Plastic, celluloid, and low-quality pot metal. Anything to conserve precious much needed materials for the war effort! These take one back on a nostalgic trip to the early 1940s as well as into the 21st century.

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