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Original U.S. WWII Thompson SMG Demilled Receiver Nose Section- 1928A1

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Original Item: Imported by IMA in the mid 1990s, the "good old days", when MP 40 kits were $225 and Thompson kits about the same because we had so many. These Thompson receiver noses were traditionally left attached to the barrel when a kit was delivered to a collector. However, when IMA built "Dummy Display Guns", and we built a lot of those, we removed the noses in order to install the original barrel into a display receiver.

Well, we have some M11928 receiver "noses" which we haven't seen in years! If anyone cares to add one of these very hard to find separate nose sections to their collection this is your only chance.

Act fast we have only limited quantities and they just won't be around for long.

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