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Original U.S. WWII Thompson M1A1 SMG Bolt Assembly: Fixed Firing Pin

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Original Item: Imported over 20 years ago, we have found more of these original U.S. WWII issue Thompson M1A1 "Fixed Firing Pin" Bolts, complete with extractors. This simplified design reduced machine time for production of the bolt, and is one of the main features that distinguishes the M1A1 Thompson from the earlier M1. Also included are the operating spring, guide and buffer (no bolt handle). Now hard to find, we only have these few remaining.

These bolts and internal components are in very good condition, though they will be greasy & dirty, so they require cleaning. Finishes vary: can be parkerized or blued (our choice).

NOTE: These bolts are only compatible with original WW2 Era Thompson Guns. They will not work with any of the semi-auto Thompsons.

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