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Original U.S. WWII Thompson M1 SMG Parts Set with Barrel

Item Description

Original Item & New Made Barrel: These are perhaps the very last M1 parts kits available in any quantity within the USA. Original U.S. Thompson WW2 era M1 Part Set together with Brand new .45 cal Barrel.

Kit includes-

• Complete Lower Frame Assembly
• New 10.5 inch .45 ACP Barrel
• Walnut horizontal fore grip and steel grip mount bar
• Complete Walnut butt stock assembly (bolted on)
• M1 Bolt Assembly with Bolt Handle
• Internal Components- spring, spring guide, buffer, ejector, frame latch
• Rear Battle Sight
• Front Sight & Pin
• Includes all components of the M1 SMG except for the demilitarized receiver and magazine both available separately.

Offered in Very Good/Excellent Condition, these haven't been around in years and won't be around for long!

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