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Original U.S. WWII Thompson 1928A1 SMG Demilled Receiver

Item Description

Original Item: Imported more than 10 years ago, these are Original US GI issue Thompson Sub Machine Gun Receivers that were de-milled prior to importation. Each has been vertically flame cut on an angle into three pieces with the "nose" (the very front, with the barrel threads in it) missing. These "noses" were left on the barrels when originally transformed to parts sets and many parts sets offered today still have them in place.

Note: current stock has at most 3/4 inch of the ejection port. Example shown has full ejection port.

Good to Very Good condition, may show small amounts of non-corrosive surface rust. Model 1928!

Note: these are shipped in 3 mil sealed plastic bags. Opened bags may not be eligible for return.


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