Original U.S. WWII Theatre Made Custom Scimitar Blade Knuckle Knife with Scabbard

Item Description

Original Item: One-of-a-kind. We've had a lot of custom knuckle knives before, but never one with such an impressive look to it before! This is a custom theater made knuckle knife with a cast white metal grip and a large "Scimitar" style blade in the classic "Sinbad" style. While not the most historically correct, the look is classic.

These knives were made by the armorers and engineers, usually in the Pacific theater. The large capital ships needed to have skilled fabricators on board to make repairs and modifications to weapons and gear. Usually the blades were made from existing weapons or from steel components, and the hilts were cast from metals such as aluminum or zinc.

The hilt, grip and knuckle bow are cast metal, painted black, while the "Sinbad" scimitar style blade is made of steel. The blade measures 7" by 2" wide at its widest point, and the knife measures 12 5/8" inches overall. The knife comes complete with leather sheath, which has a belt loop and is definitely custom made specifically for the knife. Condition of both is very good, with a lovely service worn patina. The stitching has pulled out some from the scabbard, as shown in the pictures.

Most impressive looking, and ready to add to your collection and display!

Blade length: 7”
Blade Style: Curved "Sinbad" Scimitar
Overall length: 12 5/8”
Crossguard: 1 3/8”
Scabbard length: 8 1/2" + Belt Loop

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