Original U.S. WWII Theater Made Fighting Knife Collection - Lot of 3 Knives

Item Description

Original Items: Only One Lot of 3 Available. This is a wonderful set of U.S. WWII "Theater Made" fighting knives. These knives were made by the armorers and engineers, usually in the Pacific theater. The large capital ships needed to have skilled fabricators on board to make repairs and modifications to weapons and gear. Usually the blades were made from existing weapons or from steel components, and the hilts were cast from metals such as aluminum or zinc. No scabbards are included in this lot.

The Knives Included In This Lot:

-M3 Fighting Knife: This example used the pre existing blade of the famed M3 Fighting Knife, which was a common knife to use. The user manufactured a new and wider stacked leather grip with a pommel that has a ring on the bottom. 11 ½” Total Length

-“Ka-Bar” Style Knife: This has the same appearance as a USMC Ka-Bar. The clip point steel blade resembles the famed fighting knife with a stacked leather grip with thick red washers at the top and bottom. The cross guard is machined brass as well as the large round bottom pommel. 13” Total Length

-”Bowie” Style Knife: The knife has a heavy Bowie style blade, with a slightly inward curved spine at the tip. It is then fitted with an aluminum crossguard, and a grip made from stacked plastic and aluminum washers, commonly seen on these theater knives. The pommel is heavy cast brass. 15 ½” Total Length.

All three knives are free of extensive damage and still quite sharp! All are ready to be displayed and paired with scabbards!

Theater made knives are knives made by military personnel in the various theaters of war. Each knife is unique in its own way due to the maker's style, preferences and materials available. Most theater knives were made from spare parts, wreckage, tools and already existing blades.

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