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Original U.S. WWII Tank M-238 Signal Flag Set - Red, Orange, Green Flags with Canvas Case

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Original Item: Set of Red, Orange and Green flags for signaling between tanks during WWII. copy of TM 9-743, Light Armored Car M8 and Armored Utility Car M20 dated 21 February 1944. In the section of tools and equipment stowage on the vehicle, section 29. RATIONS SIGNALING EQUIPMENT, AND SIGHTING EQUIPMENT your flags are listed. For these vehicles, the flags were stowed on the right side of crew compartment on ration box cover.

This kit consists of:
1-Case Cs-90
1-Flag Mc-273 (red)
1-Flag Mc-274 (orange)
1-Flag Mc-275 (Green)
3-Staff Mc-270

Offered in excellent condition. The flags measure 17” x 16” and the poles are 36” in length.

Here's an excerpt on flag signals, from the ARMORED FORCE FIELD MANUAL March 7, 1942.
Each combat vehicle is equipped with three solid color flags, orange (yellow), red, and green. Flags are displayed vertically overhead; in tanks through the top of the turret. They may be held either stationary or waved to attract attention. All signals are executed as soon as they are understood. Subordinate leaders repeat signals. The following code will be vised:
Enemy in sight - Red.
All clear, ready, or understood - Green.
Disregard or vehicle out of action - Orange.
Assembly or close - Orange and green.
Extend - Red and orange.
Disperse - Red and green.
Gas - Red, orange, and green.
Additional flag signals may be improvised.

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