Original U.S. WWII Sweetheart Trench Art Bracelet Grouping - 4 Items

Item Description

Original Items: Only One Set of 4 Available. Historically, sweetheart jewelry dates back to the First World War, serving as a connection between men overseas and loved ones back home. While a token in the First World War, the concept took hold during the Second World War with many famous jewelers, and some were even crafted by the fighting men overseas, much like 3 of these examples here.

Sweetheart jewelry from this pivotal point in United States history was made from a variety of materials. Due to metal rationing during World War II, companies were forced to switch to sterling silver instead of the base metal normally used in their products. This switch tripled the price of their products, but did not affect sales.

The Bracelets Included:
- Sterling Silver USN Bracelet: This bracelet measures approximately 7 ½” and comes in what appears to be the original box! The bracelet consists of 8 “USN” links with a charm in the middle featuring a blue star service flag. It's an American tradition to display a Blue Star Service Banner in the window of a home or in this case on jewelry, when a loved one is proudly serving in the U.S. Armed Forces. As Americans support troops deployed overseas, the Blue Star Service Banner is a reminder that war touches every neighborhood. The bracelet is free of damage, but has tarnished over the years.

- Australian Coins Bracelet: This is a lovely example of just how creative an individual at war can be. One of the most useless things you can have on you while in a trench or on the frontlines is money. The bracelet consists of Six Pence coins with a much larger Schilling in the center. All coins appear to be dated 1943. On the back of the Schilling “I LOVE YOU” can be found engraved. The bracelet is free of damage, but has tarnished over the years. Measures approximately 7 ¼”.

- China-Burma-India Theater USAAF Bracelet: The bracelet measures approximately 8” and appears to be of sterling silver construction, judging by the “silver” text engraved on the back. The front “cuff” off the bracelet features a lovely CBI flag, American Flag and Army Air Corps insignia. In black scrolls underneath and above the symbols are CHINA - BURMA - INDIA. The enameled colors are mostly intact with some of the blue chipping off from the CBI flag and the AAF insignia.

- Aluminum Italian Campaign Bracelet: This is an incredible example. The bracelet is from a soldier’s 1944 campaign throughout the various locations in Italy. There are 7 links in total, with the center one being the largest. The center link says 1944 NAPLES at the top with a lovely scene of hearts, a volcano smoking and what appears to be a sail boat. The words engraved at the bottom are DO NOT FORGET ME, a beautiful yet heartbreaking message. We are almost certain that with a breathtaking piece like this he was never forgotten! The links are as follows (L to R): BASERTA - SICILY - AFRICA - ROMA - ANZIO - CASSINO. This was truly a battle hardened individual! The bracelet measures approximately 9”.

These are all wonderful examples that come ready to display!

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