Original U.S. WWII style Korean War Airborne Schrade Walden NY M2 Pocket Knife

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. A standard issue item for U.S. Airborne forces from WWII through the 1960s was a switchblade pocket knife. These knives were intended for paratroopers to cut their parachute shroud lines and anything else if they got entangled following a jump. All of the versions are quite rare and hard to find, partly because they continued to be used for years following their military service life, and simply wore out.
The example here was manufactured sometime between 1950-1956. These are almost identical to the WWII issue, with the main differences being markings and the more durable plastic grips. This very nice service worn example offered in good functional condition is marked on the base of the blade (ricasso) as follows:


Overall measurement is 7 ⅛ inch, with a 4" long blade. The spring is still strong, and opens with ease, and locks in place. Safety mechanism is functional. Artificial horn grips show signs of honest wear, and some slight cracking to each grip panel. Our example shows signs of honest wear from use, and very light sharpening, as well as some past oxidation.

Blade length: 4”
Blade Style: Clip Point Knife
Overall length closed: 5”
Overall length open: 8 1/2"

Worn in the breast pocket of the Paratrooper M2 Jump Jacket these knives were intended for paratroopers to cut there parachute cords and anything else if they got entangled during a jump. Genuine examples, such as this, are exceedingly rare and hard to find.

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