Original U.S. WWII Style .38 Victory Revolver M3 Shoulder Holster by Boyt Harness with 1962 MRT Date

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is a very nice WWII style M3 leather shoulder holster for the Smith & Wesson .38cal. Hand Ejector Model of 1899 with a 4 inch barrel, better known as the "Victory Model." Adopted in during WWII, this holster was a scaled down version of the M3 Tanker holster for the .45 M1911 pistol, and was very useful for keeping the weapon out of the way as well as easily accessible.

Original M3's were made in plain, "natural" leather, as they age they can darken through exposure to oil, dirt, and sweat that turns holsters a russet brown color. This example is still close to the natural color, and has faded to a lovely light brown color, with little staining. The exception to this is the securing strap, which is much darker, and almost looks to have been taken from an older holster. We do not see any signs of modification or restitching, so it must have been from a different tanning lot.

The holster is embossed on the front U.S. in an oval, meaning it was military issue (not civilian) and it is nicely stamped on the reverse:

MAY 1962

This is the manufacturer marking that Boyt used post war, so it is definitely not WWII manufacture. The holster looks to have undergone "Mildew Resistant Treatment" for tropical use in 1962, but does not look to have been issued for service after that. The lift the dot snap is the correct brass, however the buckle on the shoulder strap is steel. Offered in very good condition, a very interesting example of a .38 M3 holster, which definitely has some good research potential.

This is a very nice genuine military issue upgrade for your S&W "Victory" revolver.

The Boyt Harness Company was founded in 1901, in Des Moines, Iowa, to manufacture leather saddles and harnesses, and quickly became known as the regional leader in quality products for the farmer and stockman. As word spread of the pride and craftsmanship with which Boyt products were made, the company was soon the standard bearer for leather products nationwide.

Boyt expanded its line of leather products for the first time during World War I, when it contracted with the United States Government to supply leather goods to the American forces fighting overseas. These initial military contracts included Boyt's first production run of gun cases, holsters, and rifle slings. At the start of World War II, the Boyt Harness Company again contracted with the U.S. Government to design and manufacture high quality military equipment including Jeep scabbards, holsters, ammo belts, and paratrooper carbine cases. The production of wartime leather products made Boyt one of the largest employers in Iowa.

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