Original U.S. WWII Sherman Tank Gun 75mm M48 High Explosive Inert Round - Dated 1942

Item Description

Original Item: Only one Available. This is a fantastic totally inert -BATF compliant 75mm M48 High Explosive round (shell and casing) for the Sherman Tank and M1 75mm Pack howitzer. It is in very good condition, and is one of the first examples that we have had! Please note that it is not available for export.

The shell still retains much of the original yellow "high explosive" paint, and is in very good condition. The side is stamped with the lot number ending with a 1942 date, and is stamped GM 75MM M48 indicating the type of shell that it is. The inert delay fuze on the nose still can be easily removed for inspection, and can also be disassembled itself.

The shell is firmly seated in an original bronze plated steel shell casing, correctly marked 75MM M18 B1 on the bottom over the lot number. There are some other markings, but wear and corrosion to the plating have made them very hard to read. Together with the shell it measures approximately 27 inches in overall length.

In great shape, totally inert and ready to display!

The HE cartridge M48 is used primarily for fragmentation, blast and mining. This cartridge consists of a relatively thin-walled forged steel projectile filled with a 1.49 pound bursting charge of TNT. The projectile is stab crimped to either the M18 or M18B1 cartridge case. The propelling charge consists of 1.15 pounds of M1 propellant assembled loose in the cartridge case. The M22A3 primer is press-fitted in the base of the cartridge case.

The 75 mm gun was the standard American gun mounted to a mobile platform during World War II. They were primarily mounted on tanks, but were also mounted on the B-25 Mitchell medium bomber aircraft. There were five variants used during the war: M2, M3, M4, M5, and M6. They were considered the standard American tank guns. The M2 and M3 were used on the M3 medium tank, the M3 was used on the M4 Sherman tank, and the M6 was used on the M24 Chaffee light tank. The M3 was also used on Medium Tank M7. The M4 variant was fitted on some North American B-25 Mitchell medium bomber aircraft.

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